Super shells from Nepal

Hey you! Seepje uses only the most natural ingredients and together (with you) we pay a fair price for these ingredients. For example, we use the shells of the Sapindus mukorossi fruit, which grow in excess in Nepal. When these super shells come into contact with water, they release a natural form of soap that naturally washes your laundry. We also produce an extract from these shells, which forms the base product for our liquid detergents and all-purpose cleaners…

Cleaner and brighter

Seepje promotes nature conservation, as the Sapindus trees are preserved due to our trade of the shells. By paying the farmer in Nepal a fair price, we actively promote equality and provide them with a liveable income. Additionally, our natural ingredients have a significantly lower impact on the sewage system! Furthermore in the Netherlands, our champs working in a sheltered environment play an essential role in the production process of the Seepjes. Together we can make washing and cleaning fun for all!

Meanwhile, at Seepje HQ...

As 21-year old students Melvin and Jasper observed on a television programme how a Nepalese lady used a natural form of soap to wash with. This led to the following thought: why used synthetic and oil based products, when one can wash naturally?

Currently, our team consists of five stars and from our headquarters in The Hague we aspire to have a positive impact with nine different Seepje products. Our Seepjes are currently available in more than 1100 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium!